April 12, 2018

Juice Reset: 7 Day Raw Food & Juice Cleanse

Juice Reset: 7 Day Raw Food & Juice Cleanse

7 Day Raw Food & Juice Cleanse

Maybe you’re reading this blog because you know you need a reset to give you a flood of new energy or maybe you’d just like to lighten up your diet with delicious soups, smoothies, and salads. We've created our very own Juice Reset exactly for these reasons. It's a 7-Day Raw Food and Juice Cleanse that will help you feel amazing in just a week!

We recommend doing this cleanse 2 times a year to give the body a tune-up. Once in the spring and once after the summer!

Why we need to do a juice cleanse reset a few times a year

Dis-ease originates in four ways: congestion, stagnation, depletion, and deficiency.

When toxins pile up, as they easily can with modern life, the body has to work harder to give the same output. This doesn't leave much room for energetic days or feelings of vitality.

Environmental toxins are greater than ever. The stress of fast-paced lives, poor-quality food (especially meat and oils), and genetics all come into play to slow us down by putting an unnecessary burden on the gut, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and kidneys.

Just like we change the oil in our cars routinely, we must bi-annually do the same thing for our organs and blood that work so hard for us every minute of every day.

By spending seven days to systematically and gently reboot and detox your body with food and juice, you could be preventing gallstones or pancreatitis down the road…

You could be preventing leaky gut and autoimmune disease…

You could be keeping your brain sharp to avoid neurological degeneration.

In essence, you retain the high quality of your life and enjoy the things that mean the most. Modern life can leach our vitamins and minerals, and just as a car doesn’t run well on fumes, neither do humans. When you cleanse with high-quality foods, you are also taking care of the other half of disease, depletion, and deficiency.

By filling your tank with vital micronutrients that sustain life and support organ health, this creates the win-win situation that leads to glowing skin, abundant energy, balanced weight, and the priceless gift of true health. We can't wait for you to experience this for yourself during our Juice Reset!


We recommend you plan and prep for our Juice Reset cleanse a week or two before by following these ten steps:

  1. Reschedule your happy hours or be ready to drink water with lime or lemon.
  2. Cut current alcohol consumption in half.
  3. Avoid gluten and refined flours as much as possible.
  4. Drink 16 oz. warm lemon water first thing upon waking.
  5. Reduce current caffeine intake in half.
  6. Add 1 extra serving of green leafy veggies to your diet daily.
  7. Eliminate fried foods.
  8. Decrease sugar intake.
  9. Eat breakfast that contains protein and fat within an hour of waking.
  10. Tell your friends and family so they can support you and maybe cleanse with you.

By the time the cleanse comes, your body will be more than ready to soak up all that nutrition and to let go of accumulated toxins.

Easily add in your extra serving of daily greens with our new Whole Greens powder. Whole Greens is densely packed with antioxidant vegetables, cleansing and alkalizing grass juices, and fruits and berries to support a gentle, daily whole body detox.

I've experienced many cleanses in my life, and I've either felt too hungry to carry out my daily responsibilities (like I was consuming too much sugar in the juice) or that my digestive system couldn't tolerate all the raw food.

So I set out to create a cleanse that I could do while operating at my same level of daily activity without feeling hungry or throwing off my blood sugar (or nervous system), including warming spices and proper enzyme balance to support the digestive process.

Having enough protein and fat during a cleanse to support the thyroid, adrenal glands, and metabolism is also essential, so I give you a few options to be sure you are getting what you need.

Thus, Juice Reset was born and it does all of these things.

Every ingredient matters. Every recipe has a reason behind it.  Every juice targets organ health.

See a sample meal schedule below and imagine if you could do this:

If this sounds like something you can do, go ahead and download our free 40-page 7-Day Raw Food & Juice cleanse guide below which will give you our best cleansing recipes and the clinical food as medicine reason behind each ingredient. You'll also get our guide for busy people who don't have the time or inclination to make the recipes, but still have the desire to cleanse.

juice cleanse, 7 day cleanse


Note: Juice Reset is formally known as JuiceJourney. No customer support is available for Juice Reset. Food & Juice are not included.

Juice Reset: 7 Day Raw Food & Juice Cleanse

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