Basic Health

Learn how to use food as medicine and the right supplements to kick off your journey to better health

You have no idea how good your body is designed to feel.

While many nutritional philosophies dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins, and restrictive “good and bad” foods, The Whole Journey philosophy provides our community with the tools to create a happier, healthier life in a way that fun, flexible, and free of willpower and denial.
We believe that food can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison and that when you understand this and how to eat for your body, you can carve your own vibrant path to great health.

Basic Health Programs

Nutrition 101 – Make Easy Upgrades
$397.00 $397.00 | 12-week online course
Feeling sluggish? Brain fog? Low energy? This step-by-step video course teaches you how to make consistent upgrades to your current diet, supplements, and mindset. For those who have never worked with a clinical nutritionist before, this program mirrors exactly what Christa did with her private clients.
Action-Driven Digital Workbook
$49.00 $49.00  | 12-WEEK WORKBOOK
Our Healthy Life Handbook helps families make inspiring, positive, and lasting changes in a way that is delicious, fun, and educational. Incorporating our whole-life philosophy, you’ll implement 10 new, life-enhancing steps every two weeks. A great place to start your wellness journey.
How To Shop Healthier In Any Store
Christa takes you on a tour through the grocery store to learn easy, convenient tips on how to get foods in your diet that improve your energy, digestion, weight, and moods. You'll learn organic vs. non-organic options, what's okay to buy frozen, soda and juice alternatives, and so much more!

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Basic Everyday Supplements

Whole Daily+
Custom-formulated to help replace nutrient deficiencies and support your immune system.
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High Potency Fish Oil
Twice as potent as most fish oils. Will assist with memory, brain function, mood and reducing inflammation.
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Whole Greens
Packed with antioxidant vegetables, alkalizing grass juices, and fruits to support a gentle, daily whole body detox
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