What to do when you have a candida overgrowth causing anxiety, constipation, low energy, sugar cravings, fungal infections, and brain fog
Candida is an opportunistic organism and pathogenic yeast. We all have it in our bodies, and most of the time, it’s harmless. But when it overgrows, it causes chronic symptoms such as: bloating, constipation (especially after antibiotics), yeast infections, chronic sinus infections, intense sugar cravings, anxiety, nail fungus, brain fog and more.
In a perfect world, our good bacteria would keep Candida in check, only we are doing so many things daily to kill our good gut bacteria like even taking one round of antibiotics without healing your gut. And when anything dominates our gut health, it’s only a short matter of time before it dominates our hormonal health, immune health and mental/emotional health.

Digestive & Gut Healing Programs

Find Out If You Could Have Candida
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Gut Thrive in 5 reprograms your microbiome’s genetic code and re-trains your immune system to help eliminate symptoms that have plagued you for years. Great for those with inflammation, chronic autoimmune or digestive diseases, eczema, leaky gut, IBS and heavy metal toxicity.
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Candida Cleanse & Gut Repair Program
$247.00 $247.00 | 8-10 week online course
If you have intense sugar cravings, bloating, a white coating on your tongue, constipation, low energy/thyroid function and mental fog, candida overgrowth may be the root cause. This cleanse is for sugar junkies or those with a history of heavy antibiotic use.
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Candida Supplements

Candicid Forte
Disrupts the metabolism of Candida & supports immune function.
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Oil of Oregano
An antifungal that helps kill Candida and boost immunity.
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Formula SF722
Reduces Candida overgrowth naturally and gently.
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