Digestive & Gut Health

Learn how to heal bloating, constipation, acid reflux, H. pylori, IBS, SIBO, food sensitivities, eczema, psoriasis, and more

“All disease begins in the gut.”
- Hippocrates

Gut health issues have reached unprecedented levels. 65 million Americans are affected by digestive health diseases. But there are natural ways to eradicate chronic symptoms due to digestive issues even if you struggled with them for years.
Not only do we experience chronic symptoms from poor gut health but if there is any inflammation or an imbalance in gut bacteria this inflammation can spread to our brain and affect our mood, leaving us feeling anxious and depressed. At TWJ we help you pinpoint the root cause of your gut issues so that you can heal them naturally.

Digestive & Gut Healing Programs

Gut & Immune Healing Program To Rejuvenate Your Microbiome
$697.00 $697.00 | 11-WEEK ONLINE COURSE
Gut Thrive in 5 reprograms your microbiome’s genetic code and re-trains your immune system to help eliminate symptoms that have plagued you for years. Great for those with inflammation, chronic autoimmune or digestive diseases, eczema, leaky gut, IBS and heavy metal toxicity.
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Candida Cleanse & Gut Repair Program
$247.00 $247.00 | 8-10 week online course
If you have intense sugar cravings, bloating, a white coating on your tongue, constipation, low energy/thyroid function and mental fog, candida overgrowth may be the root cause. This cleanse is for sugar junkies or those with a history of heavy antibiotic use.
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Digestive & Gut Supplements

Probiotic Compelete
Promotes healthy gut microflora, protects intestinal integrity & boosts immunity.
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Digestive Enzymes
These enzymes assist with bloating, better digestion, energy, and moods.
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Food Sensitivity Support
Minimizes adverse effects from gluten, dairy, soy, egg, whey, casein, almond, peanut, rice, pea and fish proteins.
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