Emotional Health

Learn how to manage your emotions and use food and breathing techniques to heal anxiety, burnout, overwhelm and stress

Create anything you want in your life from a clean and clear emotional space.

Achieve a deep knowledge of how to use food as medicine to alleviate anxiety and depression. Understand why trapped negative emotions and limiting beliefs keep us stuck in hormonal imbalance. Learn how to use movement and breathing techniques to calm and ground the central nervous system.
It is only once both emotional and physical health are addressed that we can finally experience lasting positive change. We look forward to going on this journey with you to achieve emotional freedom, empowerment, joy, and abundance in all aspects of life.

Emotional Health Programs

Creating Emotional Mastery From Within
$27.00 $97.00 | 3 WEBINARS + BONUS WORKSHOP
Discover proven healing techniques designed to help you release trapped negative emotions so you can live an empowered life full of clarity, love and joy. If you are struggling with fear, grief, confusion, insecurity, and overwhelm, then this course if for you.
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Heal The Nervous System, Balance Your Hormones
$697.00 $697.00 | 10-week online course
Physical & emotional based program that recodes your adrenals, restores your thyroid, nourishes your brain and heals your nervous system to create lasting hormonal balance. Great for those with burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and feelings of overwhelm and fear.
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Emotional Health Supplements

Improves mood & a healthy adaptation to the body’s stress response.
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High Potency Fish Oil
Improves memory, brain function, mood & inflammation.
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MoRS Methylation Donor
Improves energy, depression and detoxification pathways
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