Sunset Sale

As we prepare to sunset The Whole Journey after 18 wonderful years,
you have one final chance to purchase our programs and supplements. Details on the sale are below...
The Whole Journey is Retiring & New Things on the Horizon
As I look back on everything I’ve created, the joy and satisfaction of feeling like I used my life force, skills, and gifts to bring others health gives me peace. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you and your trust in me and my content over the years. I don’t take that privilege lightly.

It’s time for me to evolve my work to reflect who I am now and how I really want to live and contribute to the world. I’ll be sharing more details with you over the coming weeks via email but for now, please take advantage of this last opportunity to participate in our programs and high-quality supplements at a deep discount.

Sale details below...
For Programs
• All programs are on sale until March 31st.

• In-program clinical support ends June 20th.

• You’ll have access to the program portal and all documents, videos and handouts until 12/31/23.
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For Supplements
• Supplements are 10% off. Buy 3 or more of the same supplement, get 15% off.

• Supplements do not expire for a year, so stock up on our high-quality products while you can!

• All supplements are on sale until March 31st.

• Some supplements may not ship until mid-April. Once you have ordered, you will be kept informed via email of when your supplements are expected to arrive.
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What's NEXT?

Expanding My Impact

I’ll still be sharing healthy insights with you but from a personal brand.

I’ll share more of my personal lifestyle and how I take care of myself and my son and other loved ones health-wise as well as moving into what’s more interesting to me now which is intuitive nutrition.

After 18 years in functional nutrition, I’m going back to my roots in that so much of our power comes from within and WE are the ones who genuinely know how to best take care of ourselves versus giving our power away to external dietary theories. When we’re truly grounded, we can self-heal and self-nourish.

Not having to run a company will also satisfy my personal goals of spending more time with my son who just turned five as well as give me creative and philanthropic freedom to make the difference I know I’m here to make.

I’ve already begun philanthropic efforts toward soil rejuvenation because there will be no food as medicine left if we continue to poison our air, water, and food supply and don’t diversify, remineralize and rejuvenate our soil. And if everyone, regardless of economic status had access to deeply nutritious food grown this way, the world will improve and we won't have to work so hard to rejuvenate and maintain our health- we can start self-actualizing instead.
Self-awareness is the medicine that helps us self-actualize. I’ll be sharing things I’ve learned in that department as well as relationship as medicine with you because it ALL matters when we are trying to live our best life and contribute from a place of feeling whole and thriving.

So, I’ll still be supporting health but in a new way and on all levels because the health of the plants, animals, humans and all aspects of earth are one living, breathing connected ecosystem.

You can still find me in the same places on the web and social – all Whole Journey branding will convert to Christa Orecchio in June.

Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more details each week of the month via email. If you’re not on our list, you can join it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sale Questions:
When does the sale end?
March 31st at 11:59pm PST will be the final opportunity to purchase any of our online courses or supplements.

Do I need a code for the sale?
No, all prices on the site reflect the discount(s).

Can I do a payment plan or do I have to pay in full?
There are no payment plans since the programs are already 50% off and the company will be sunset by June.
Program Questions:
When does clinical support end?
June 20, 2023

Can I book a private practice call for additional support and how much is it?
Yes, you can book a private paid consult with Christa for $200 per half hour or one of her clinicians for $125 per half hour.

How long will I have access to the portal?
Dec 31, 2023

Can I download handouts and videos from the portal?
Yes, for personal use only; our copyrighted work is not to shared.

What if I have questions after support ends?
You can book a private paid consult with one of our clinicians.
Supplement Questions:
When will the supplements ship?
Our in stock supplements are first come, first serve and will ship within 48-hours of purchase. If you order quickly and get in stock supplements, you will get a confirmation of shipment within 48 hours. If you do not get a confirmation of shipment within 48 hours, you have placed a backorder that will ship in early April.

When do the supplements expire?
Expiration dates vary from January-May 2024, so a year or more.

Do I need to buy a supplement kit for my program before the end of the sale?
Yes. March is the LAST month ever we will be selling our supplement kits and you need your kit in order to implement our clinical strategy. Even if you plan to do the course you purchase in the summer or fall, you still need to purchase your supplement kit in March.
General Questions:
I want to still follow Christa on Social, how do I do that?
I’ll still be everywhere I currently am, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook (and may end up on Telegram as well). The Whole Journey social handles and content will convert to Christa Orecchio in June and I’ll be sharing more personal things about my healthy lifestyle as well as my next steps and how they can practically support you and your family in healing and thriving.

What if I renewed my subscription to the courses already this year?
You will have access to customer support and our support webinars until June and at that point we’ll offer you a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your subscription.

What about the Facebook Groups for Gut Thrive, Kick Candida, and The Adrenal ReCode?
They will remain through 12/31/23 for you to connect with others going through the same process as you.

Are you offering refunds?
All sales are final.